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Spence. 21. Just chillin, and all that fun stuff. No more Tumblr. I've moved on.

I know I’m a little late to the party, but whoever wrote the ending to How I Met Your Mother really deserves a good punch in the stomach. That was awful.

I’m alive. I speak Chinese now. Like everyday. How cool is that huh?

University is fun and my life is really so much better than it was last year. I’m even going to present some of my research at a conference in a few months. Who woulda thunk it?

Met a nice young lady. Lost a nice young lady. Same old story that’s been on repeat for the last five years. All good fun though. 

I haven’t played League or even watched any LCS for months now and I feel so much healthier for it. That whole scene can really take over your life. Glad to be on the other side. Still playing Osu though, amongst other things.

That’s me I guess, a few months down the line. Not sure what I’m doing with Tumblr these days. I don’t have the time to religiously update it anymore, but it’s nice to have a more personal space, as my Twitter and other blog are much more academia geared. I might just complain chat about stuff here.

Holla at me if you need to. If not, ciao!

To the three people who enjoy my blog, I must bid you adieu for the time being. I really don’t have the time to devote to this at the moment. Take care.


Megune-Chan by Sousou

by えむけー



the frog and the pipe the pipe and the frog by alterlier